रविवार, जुलाई 19, 2009

People of fair skin vs black and brown skin

I am starting to write this blog, a question always arises in my mind, is the western countries like united kingdom and united states of America is really democrat, I do not know about other countries where white skin race is residing, but I am well versed with the persons of America and England, I normally observe the racial difference between white and black and brown skin people,though they do not say but undercurrent is there.

Every one know that Barrack obama was elected the 44th president of united states, he showed the dreams to American masses that is why he was elected the president of America, and the history was created, still question arises in my mind is America is really democratic by heart, the American system is democratic, but why white Bush the 43rd president of America sprayed some thing on his hand after shaking hand with black obama, is it democracy?, I know many Indian having brown skin are there in united states and also having u.s citizenship,but has American accepted them by heart.

Now coming to u.k or which is also called united kingdom,does they are really democratic the term like paki is there product,which is used for indian and pakistanis, is it democracy in united kingdom.
It is well known when our indian heroine was participating in big boss in she wept due to racial comments, the fellow white people called her names, though she won the title, at that time how much agony she might have felt, everybody knows the name of jade gudy who made her cry, as she is indian and having dusky skin,is this democracy in there heart?
we indian cares for everyone wheather persons are having fair or dark skin, we mingle with everyone and gives the helping hand without discreetion, here peeple of all clours and religon are accepted that is what i call democracy.
I am a very senstive and emotional person, i have hobby to chat with persons on internet made for indians, i have many foriegn friends on internet, i accept them by heart,but when i go on foriegn site very few pepole accepts me, most of them mostly interact within themselves,that made me to write this blog as i felt disheartened.

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